Tom Of Finland Stamps


Tom of Finland stamps Now Available

The Tom of Finland stamps have raised considerable interest all over the world.

they are scheduled for release on September 8 by Finland’s Post Office. Lucrezia & De Sade has secured a limited number of Commemorative Packs for our customers. We know you still love Tom’s art work every bit as much as we do.

Each First Day Commemorative pack comprises 3 stamps celebrating the sexually charged artistic style of Touko Laaksonen (Tom of Finland)

The Tom of Finland stamps have encouraged considerable discussion among supporters and critics. The Finnish Postal Service has been both praised and jeered for choosing a unique subject for the stamps and honouring the renowned gay artist. Understandably some from more conservative quarters are concerned with the extreme homoeroticism of the art of Tom of Finland.

“The extent of the international attention received has been unprecedented. Tom of Finland works are unique and known worldwide. The works selected for the stamps are among the most tame in the artist’s portfolio, but nevertheless display his characteristic style. The presentation of the stamps has received praise worldwide,” says Development Director Markku Penttinen from The Finnish Postal Service .