TAILBONE Silicone Slider Strap Tail by OXBALLS


With TAILBONE you can still be TOP DOG while you bury your bone in some puppy butt, after all, Tops with tails are fuckin hot…or if you’re the kind of puppy who just wants to play without having your puppy-pucker stretched, this strap-on tail is man’s best friend…

Train your hole effortlessly for hours with the spankin’ new NEOPRENE BUTTPLUG HARNESS from OXBALLS. This adjustable strap harness is guaranteed to keep your meat plumped and your hole stuffed full.

Neoprene is easy to care for and moulds perfectly to fit your body snug without any discomfort or chaffing.

The simple design and soft material can even be worn under clothes so you can go through your day boned up and plugged to your piggy heart’s content.

Each NEOPRENE BUTTPLUG HARNESS comes with an interchangeable built in cockring that keeps your veiny meat hard while your hungry hole stays stretched…the adjustable snaps let you swap for your favourite metal or silicone cockring and the adjustable slider strap gives you the option of changing out plugs.

Stay plugged longer, harder, and nastier…