Suede Flogger 50cm



Suede Flogger [50cm]
Our floggers have been carefully crafted with proper attention to weigh and balance. The number of tails and the size and diameter of the handle have been calculated to bring the centre of balance to the approximate placement of your forefinger. A properly balanced flogger allows the greatest possible amount of control and accuracy. The floggers can come in either leather or thick moccasin suede. Leather will inflict a sharper more “bitey” experience but can also be used softly for a more delicate and erotic “caress”. A suede flogger delivers a more “thudding” experience and is ideal to warm the body. This is a process of delivering impact to gradually draw the blood flow to the surface of the skin. Once the body has been properly warmed it can endure greater intensity safely by triggering the body’s own natural protective systems. The application can be equal parts sensual or severe.