REV 1000 For Men – A Revolution in Male Pleasure

For too long the best sex-toys have been designed with women in mind. Until now.

Welcome to the ultimate sex toy for men, a virtually hands free pleasure machine.

No more pumping up and down to get pleasure, simply pop yourself inside the REV 1000.

Experience the most intense climax and orgasms imaginable!

49 Different Combination of Pleasure

7 Speeds x 7 Functions = 49 Different Combinations of Pleasure!

Start off gently at a low speed and intensity, this allows you to work your way up to the higher speeds settings and levels of pleasure, maximising your enjoyment

Pre-programmed functions have been deliberately set in an order that help you build up intensity, helping you achieve a more powerful and intense orgasm.

Function 1 – Continual clockwise rotation.

Function 2 – Clockwise rotation, 2 second pause and rotates clockwise.

Function 3 – Clockwise rotation for 4 revolutions and rotates anti-clockwise for 4 rotations.

Function 4 – 180° clockwise rotation then 180° anti-clockwise rotation.

Function 5 – 90° clockwise rotation then rotates 90° anti-clockwise.

Function 6 – 180° clockwise rotation then rotates 90° anti-clockwise.

Function 7 – Double rotation clockwise then double rotates anti-clockwise.

Powerful Custom Built Japanese Motor

Driven by a high quality custom built Japanese motor, this is without doubt the most powerful sex toy for men.

This appliance has an mains rechargeable 3.7 volt lithium battery.

Fully Rechargeable –  No Batteries Needed

REV 1000 is fully rechargeable and comes complete with the charger and international adaptor!

Fully charged it will last around 40 minutes on continuous high power.

There’s no extra adaptors or converters required, it’s all included!

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Easily disassembled and simply clean the inner TPR sleeve with warm soapy water and our recommended anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.

How it measures up

Length: 275mm / 10.75″

Insertable length: 115mm / 4.5″

Diameter: 80mm / 3.2″

Canal diamater: 40mm / 1.5″