Oxballs Z-Balls Stretcher and Cockring Black


This multipurpose ring is thick, squishy and feels fuckin’ great swinging’ around between your legs.

Hook it around your sack for those low hangers or around the base of your cock for a vein popping rock hard stiffy. And for the pig who loves it all…you can wrap it around both for some dual action nut swinging and dick gripping.

The “Z” shape not only looks badass…but the spring like design gently pushes your balls down for an all day tug that just won’t quit.

Z-BALLS are also great for stacking…plump your dong while you stretch your sack.

Total Length: 1.5 inches

Total Circumference: 2. inches

Smallest Usable Circumference: 1 inch

Weight: 1.5 oz.


Made in CHINA…design copyright OXBALLS…PATENT PENDING 2014

FLEX-TPR safe, non-toxic…and phthalate free

Lube safe: water-based