J Lube


J-Lube is a concentrated lubricant that comes in convenient powder form. Just add water and mix to desired consistency. One 10oz. plastic bottle with shaker top makes 6 to 8 gallons of lubricant. The more water you add…the slipperier it gets! It is non-irritating; odorless; tasteless; non-staining; non-toxic; and re-activates easily with water. Rubber lovers can use it for the ultimate Slimy. Rubber lovers who play with Glycerin will find J-Lube-+ is a better option. Mix J-Lube with water and pour into a rubber clothing; sleep sacks; or mix in a tub and dive in. J-Lube-+ is rubber safe and assures the slimiest of the Slimy. J-Lube breaks-down naturally in the body; and a few grains of table salt breaks down J-Lube on surfaces. J-Lube was designed to be a hand lubricant for those in the obstetric veterinary field. Fetishist across the country have found that it is indeed the finest hand lubricant. If a red hanky is in your pocket; J-Lube should be in your toy bag!