Deep Impact


The Deep Impact is part of the Domestic Partner “Navy” line, a fleet of “dongs” (penis-shaped toys without balls) and anal probes.

This toy is a real ass-blaster, with a ribbed shaft for lots of sensation! The Deep Impact stands 12″ tall 11.5″ insert able). The shaft is 2.5″ thick (8.5″ around) at the tip and 2.75″ thick (9″ around) at the base.

Domestic Partner products are manufactured from high-grade, phthalate-free PVC plastic. When you unwrap your toy, it may feel a bit slick; this is from the release agent that is used in the moulding process. It washes off easily with soap and water. These toys may also have a very slight odour which will dissipate quickly if you leave the toy in the open air for a few days..