Coloured Bandana



Coloured Bandana
Worn on  Left          Worn on Right

Black            SM Top                 SM Bottom
Grey             Bondage Top         Bondage Bottom

White           Wants Hand Job    Will Give Hand Job

Light Blue      Wants Head          Cock Sucker

Royal Blue     Cop                      Cop Fucker

Navy Blue     Wants to Fuck       Wants to be Fucked

Red               Fisting Top             Fisting Bottom

Pink               Dildo Fucker         Dildo Fuckee

Purple            Piercer                  Piercee

Yellow           Pisser                    Wants Piss

Pale Yellow    Spits                     Wants Spit

Orange           Anything Anytime  Nothing Now

Kelly Green    Hooker                 Wants Hooker

Hunter Green  Daddy                   Son

Khaki Military  Top                      Military Bottom