Camouflage Goggles


This model is based on the Biker and does not have the QR – Quick Release Bridge, but the lenses can be swapped by using a small screw driver.

FRAME: Designed for durability and high performance in all weather conditions.

WADDED SUPPORT: The wadding is lined with genuine leather for a comfortable fit. Similar wear-resistant leather is used on the exterior covering for superior wind and water protection.

SAFETY: A distortion-proof plastic plate is installed under the central bridge of the goggles to protect the riders’ nose.

ELASTIC STRAP: An adjustable length elastic strap with an anti-slip strip ensures the strap does not move on the helmet.

4V: Optional chrome prescription inner frame available for riders who require prescription glasses for driving.

LENSES: Cylindrical lenses that are crafted from the highest quality scratch-proof polycarbonate. The strong, light lenses provide a high definition view and ultimate optical comfort without distortions. The lenses offer 100% UV protection.