Bouncer Shake by Fun Factory


At first glance the Bouncer looks like just your regular dildo. The sleek, abstract design and the gently curved shape is perfect for stimulating the G-spot and prostate, but doesn’t easily give away the surprise it hides inside. In its three bulges the Bouncer hides a thrilling secret. Three weighted balls are tucked inside the silky silicone release vibrations with every movement. During penetration arousing feedback occurs with every thrust, releasing waves of ecstasy in the user, even the smallest movement or touch causes the balls inside to react. The three passion-packing balls inside of this ShakeDildo rotate making no noise at all. 

The unique ShakeDildo gives a new kind of kick with every movement  
Intensified stimulation from three rotating balls inside
Fulfilling, wavy shape
Impressive length of 18 cm
The wide base pleasures the outlying erogenous zones and makes Bouncer 100% safe for anal pleasures
Velvety textured surface
Firm yet pleasantly flexible silicone shaft
Low profile base that allows Bouncer to stick to smooth surfaces and walls
100% medical-grade silicone – gentle to the body and odorless
100% waterproof
Made in Germany
Easy to clean with a toycleaner or water and mild soap
7,08 in and Ø 1,57 in. 276 gram.